Jim Scoutten, host of Shooting USA and Sighting in With Shooting USA, passed away

Jim Scoutten has earned a reputation as a prominent authority in the shooting sports industry, recognized for his unwavering journalistic integrity and dedication to producing top-notch outdoor programming.

Despite his strong advocacy for the firearms industry and defense of the Second Amendment, Jim initially embarked on his professional journey as a mainstream journalist.

The statement made on the Facebook page of Jim Scoutten’s Shooting USA.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jim Scoutten.

In his thirty years of reporting the shooting sports, Jim played a pivotal role in the industry and will be greatly missed.

“As always, shoot safely, shoot often, and keep ‘em in the ten ring” -Jim Scoutten

Prior to immersing himself in the shooting sports industry, Jim’s passion lay in news reporting. During his time in broadcasting school, he secured his first job with All News Radio, displaying his early interest in the field.

Following graduation, he seamlessly transitioned into television news and embarked on a diverse career, working in multiple cities throughout the United States and assuming various roles such as reporter, anchor, producer, and news director. This professional journey equipped Jim with extensive expertise in the television industry, granting him a profound understanding of the essential elements that constitute high-quality televised journalism.

During the early 1990s, Jim opted to explore a fresh path in his career and embraced the role of a Special Interest Reporter.

Initially, he delved into covering the flourishing motorsports industry, but he eagerly transitioned to the shooting sports domain at the first opportunity.

In 1993, Jim took on the role of a producer for the long-standing show, “American Shooter.” Throughout almost a decade of serving as both producer and host for the program, Jim recognized the immense potential in Special Interest Reporting.

Being able to focus on a subject he was genuinely passionate about, his reporting exuded enthusiasm, making the shows not only informative but also enjoyable to watch. Over time, “American Shooter” skyrocketed in popularity, earning the distinction of becoming the highest-rated outdoor program in history and amassing over one million dedicated fans nationwide.

Jim Scoutten, host of Shooting USA and Sighting in With Shooting USA, passed away

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