Jeremy Lewis and Michael Reilly accused of video voyeurism

 Jeremy Lewis, left, and Michael Reilly are accused of video voyeurism. (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)

A convicted felon who pleaded guilty to attempted murder decades ago and a second man are accused of spying on a couple in their home while working for a company that vows to “keep criminals off properties and away from families” in homes throughout south Florida through state-of-the-art technology, a lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit, filed in Palm Beach in February by a couple only identified as John and Jane Doe, alleges it all went down after a repair was made to a security system at their Palm Beach home in 2020.

Jeremy Lewis, who was working as a technician for Ask the Advisors, and system designer Michael Reilly were “hand-selected” for the job, despite Lewis’ felony conviction after pleading guilty to attempted first-degree murder in 1992, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit names a slew of allegations that included failure to warn its customers they were sending a “violent convicted felon” to their home and giving him “unbridled access” to their residential security and camera system.

The victims’ lawyer, Andrea Lewis, said the men did the job and left a “backdoor” to access the camera system remotely during and after work hours and on weekends without the couple’s knowledge or permission. The footage showed the wife in various stages of undress and the couple having sex, the court documents said.

Jeremy Lewis and Michael Reilly accused of video voyeurism

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