James Brenner murdered Dylan Rounds: Deputies

Dylan Rounds was last seen alive in late May 2022, authorities said. (Image: Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities have yet to find missing Utah farmer Dylan Rounds, 19, but they now claim that evidence shows a man murdered him and hid the body. James Brenner, 60, was charged Friday with aggravated murder and abuse or desecration of a human body.

Brenner was first named as a suspect by deputies and the FBI last July but no charges were immediately filed. At the time, Brenner was already being held at the Weber County Jail on an unrelated federal firearms case, officials said. He remains there as of Monday, records show.

“These charges come after a difficult and extensive 9 month investigation by the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office, and are supported by the information that has been gathered and evidence collected,” said the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office. “The evidence supports that James Brenner is the only suspect. Although the remains of Dylan Rounds have yet to be located, we are hopeful that they are found in the future. We express our condolences to the family of Dylan Rounds.”

Rounds was last seen in Lucin, Utah, near the Nevada border in late May 2022, authorities and family previously said. Relatives said he moved out to the area to live out his dream of becoming a farmer. He purchased cheap desert land to get started but disappeared after his first crop. His boots were found yards from his grain truck in the opposite direction of his RV camper, and his key fob was missing, his mother said last year.

From the June 29, 2022, complaint in Brenner’s ongoing federal case for felon in possession of a firearm:

On May 30, 2022, Box Elder County dispatch received a call of a missing 19-year-old male initials D.R. [Rounds]. He was last seen in Lucin, Utah area. On this day, D.R. contacted a relative by phone and told them that he was “putting the grain truck into shelter.” The shelter for the grain truck was reported to be on a parcel of land owned by Box Elder Land and Livestock (owner initials J.C.) and is adjacent to two other parcels that are owned by S.H. and R.I. These parcels are open to each other and collectively used together.

Brenner was squatting in the area, federal authorities claim. Rounds’ property was a 5-mile walk southeast of where Brenner was living, they said.

James Brenner murdered Dylan Rounds: Deputies

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