Jack Smith Probe: Was ‘Lawyer’ Giuliani Drunk While Advising Trump?

More bad news for Trump and his sorry excuse for a lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Maybe Trump should stick to liars who don’t already have the reputation Rudy does when it comes to his drinking, or a lot of other issues for that matter.

Here’s the latest from Rolling Stone: Jack Smith’s Team Grilled Witnesses About Rudy Giuliani’s Drinking:

The special counsel’s team has also asked these witnesses if Trump had ever gossiped with them about Giuliani’s drinking habits, and if Trump had ever claimed Giuliani’s drinking impacted his decision making or judgment. Federal investigators have inquired about whether the then-president was warned, including after Election Night 2020, about Giuliani’s allegedly excessive drinking. They have also asked certain witnesses if Trump was told that the former New York mayor was giving him post-election legal and strategic advice while inebriated.

Furthermore, the special counsel’s office has probed how drunk witnesses and others believed Giuliani to be during specific and consequential moments of the tumultuous Trump-Biden presidential transition. Investigators asked for details that showed precisely how these witnesses knew firsthand the attorney was drinking while counseling Trump on subverting and overturning the 2020 presidential election.

Federal prosecutors often aren’t interested in investigating mere alcohol consumption. But according to lawyers and witnesses who’ve been in the room with special counsel investigators, Smith and his team are interested in this subject because it could help demonstrate that Trump was implementing the counsel of somebody he knew to be under the influence and perhaps not thinking clearly. If that were the case, it could add to federal prosecutors’ argument that Trump behaved with willful recklessness in his attempts nullify the 2020 election — by relying heavily on a lawyer he believed to be working while inebriated, and another who he bashed for spouting “crazy” conspiracy theories that Trump ran with anyway.

And if federal prosecutors were to make this argument in court, it could undermine Trump and his legal team’s “advice of counsel” defense. To avoid legal consequences or even possible prison time, the ex-president is already wielding this legal defense to try to scapegoat lawyers who advised him on overturning the election — even though these attorneys were only acting on Trump’s behalf, or doing what Trump had instructed them to do.

As we already discussed here, poor old Rudy can’t find a lawyer anywhere. How this latest news plays out when he’s broke and can’t find an attorney, time will tell. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t flip or hasn’t already and we just don’t know about it.

Jack Smith Probe: Was ‘Lawyer’ Giuliani Drunk While Advising Trump?

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