Is Escobar Paradise Lost a True Story? Ending Explained

Escobar Paradise Lost

Escobar: Paradise Lost is a compelling romantic thriller film released in 2014. It serves as the directorial debut of Andrea Di Stefano, who also wrote the screenplay. The story revolves around a surfer who finds himself falling in love while working alongside his brother in Colombia. However, he soon discovers that the girl he loves is the niece of none other than the infamous Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

The North American distribution rights for the film were acquired by RADiUS-TWC in February 2014. Escobar: Paradise Lost made its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2014, generating much anticipation. Following its premiere, the film had a limited release in the United States on June 26, 2015, allowing audiences to experience the gripping narrative firsthand.

Is Escobar Paradise Lost a True Story?

No, Escobar: Paradise is not based on a true story. “Escobar: Paradise Lost tells the fictional story of Nick, a Canadian surfer portrayed by Josh Hutcherson, who resides in the Colombian jungle with his brother. Nick’s life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with Maria Escobar, whose uncle is the infamous Pablo Escobar, played by Benicio Del Toro. As Nick becomes a part of the Escobar family, residing in their expansive estate, he slowly realizes that Pablo Escobar is not just a wealthy businessman but a dangerous gangster whose associates engage in ruthless killings.

The narrative revolves around the final days of Pablo Escobar’s life, as he prepares to surrender to the Colombian authorities. During this time, he strives to tie up loose ends, leading to an escalating body count, even among those who were once loyal to him. Nick finds himself caught up in Escobar’s web, compelled to carry out a task for him, the consequences of which may prove to be highly costly.”


Escobar Paradise Lost Cast

Cast Name

Character Name

Benicio del Toro Pablo Escobar
Josh Hutcherson Nick Brady
Claudia Traisac Maria
Brady Corbet Dylan Brady
Carlos Bardem Drago
Ana Girardot Anne
Aaron Zebede Pepito Torres
Frank Spano Christo
Laura Londoño María Victoria

Escobar Paradise Lost Plot

Nick Brady finds himself in Colombia with his brother, where he encounters Maria, who happens to be the niece of notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar. Witnessing the dangerous environment surrounding Escobar, Nick, and Maria decide to leave the country, along with Nick’s brother, wife, and child.

However, before they can escape together, Pablo summons Nick and other trusted men. He reveals that he has struck a deal with the Colombian government and will be going to prison for a long time. Pablo instructs the men to hide his valuable inventory in caves and assigns Nick to meet a guide, transport the boxes to a cave, and destroy the entrance with dynamite.

Additionally, Nick is ordered to kill the guide, but his conscience prevents him from taking a life, especially when he discovers the guide is just 15 years old. As Nick helps the guide, he realizes that he is also a target on Pablo’s hit list. Trapped in a small town where hired assassins, local police, and militias are searching for him, Nick narrowly escapes and attempts to reunite with Maria at a Canadian consulate.

While on his way to meet Maria, Nick manages to make a desperate call to warn his brother’s family, but it is too late. Escobar’s men have already arrived and killed Nick’s brother, while also shooting his brother’s wife and child during the phone call.

Engaging in a shootout with two of Escobar’s hired guns, Nick manages to eliminate them, but not without sustaining a gunshot wound himself. Despite his injury, he successfully meets Maria near the consulate. Sadly, Nick succumbs to his wounds shortly after. Maria’s fate remains uncertain as she seeks help from the consulate but encounters more of Escobar’s men along the way.

Escobar Paradise Lost Where to Watch?

Escobar Paradise Lost is available on Hulu. To log in on a TV-connected device, follow these steps:

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Escobar Paradise Lost Ending Explained

In the film “Escobar: Paradise Lost,” the ending brings closure to the story and provides an explanation for the events that unfold.

Towards the end of the movie, Pablo Escobar (played by Benicio Del Toro) is seen tying up loose ends as he prepares to give himself up to the Colombian authorities. This includes eliminating people who were once loyal to him but have become liabilities.

Meanwhile, Nick Brady (played by Josh Hutcherson), the Canadian surfer who has been living with his brother Dylan (Brady Corbet) in the Colombian jungle and has become involved with Escobar’s family, finds himself caught in the middle of Escobar’s criminal activities.

As the climax of the story approaches, Nick is given an errand to complete by Escobar, one that could potentially have severe consequences. The film leaves the outcome of this task ambiguous, creating a sense of tension and uncertainty.

The ending of “Escobar: Paradise Lost” serves as a reflection of the harsh reality of the world Nick has been drawn into. It highlights the dangerous and unpredictable nature of Escobar’s criminal empire and the consequences of being involved with such a notorious figure.

Overall, the ending of the film leaves viewers with a sense of the moral dilemmas faced by the characters and the lasting impact of their choices. It emphasizes the power and reach of Pablo Escobar’s influence and the price that must be paid in his world.

Escobar Paradise Lost Review

“Escobar: Paradise Lost” is a gripping thriller that delves into the dark and dangerous world of drug lord Pablo Escobar. Directed by Andrea Di Stefano, the film presents a story that revolves around Nick Brady, who becomes entangled in the treacherous web of Escobar’s empire when he falls in love with Maria, Escobar’s niece.

The movie effectively captures the tense atmosphere and the constant sense of danger that surrounds the characters. The performances are commendable, with Josh Hutcherson delivering a convincing portrayal of Nick Brady, a young man caught between love and the brutal reality of the drug trade. Benicio Del Toro delivers a powerful performance as Pablo Escobar, portraying the character with a chilling combination of charm and menace.

The narrative unfolds at a steady pace, keeping the audience engaged and on edge throughout the film. The relationship between Nick and Maria adds an emotional layer to the story, adding depth to their struggles and the choices they make.

The cinematography beautifully captures the stunning Colombian landscapes, juxtaposing the natural beauty with the darkness of Escobar’s world. The film’s visuals, combined with the atmospheric soundtrack, enhance the overall tension and immerse viewers in the setting.

While the movie effectively explores the complexities of love, loyalty, and survival in the face of extreme circumstances, some viewers may find the storyline predictable at times. Additionally, the film’s violent scenes may be intense for some audiences, but they serve to highlight the harsh reality of Escobar’s empire.

Overall, “Escobar: Paradise Lost” is a compelling thriller that offers a captivating portrayal of the notorious drug lord and the individuals caught up in his world. It successfully combines suspense, romance, and drama, making it an engaging watch for fans of crime thrillers and those interested in the legacy of Pablo Escobar.

Escobar Paradise Lost Trailer

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 Is Escobar Paradise Lost a True Story? Ending Explained

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