iOS 17.3 - Optimize Your iPhone Battery Performance

iOS 17.3 – Optimize Your iPhone Battery Performance

Hey, guys! The new iOS 17.3 software update has been available to the public for the past couple of days. If you’ve updated to iOS 17.3 and are experiencing issues with your battery life, not making it through the day as expected, then this article is for you. Today, I’ll share a few settings you can adjust on your iPhone to enhance its battery performance.

iOS 17.3 - Optimize Your iPhone Battery Performance
iOS 17.3 – Optimize Your iPhone Battery Performance

Privacy Settings for Improved Battery Life

Firstly, let’s address privacy settings. In the Privacy section, navigate to Privacy and Security. There are three critical options to consider:

  1. App Tracking: If app tracking is enabled for any app, I recommend turning this option off. Disabling app tracking ensures no application can request to track you in the future, contributing to better battery life.
  2. Location Services: Under Location Services, go to System Services. Disable Significant Location and Product Improvement if you don’t use Apple Maps or services. These options constantly track your location, impacting battery life.
  3. Journal Application: If you don’t use the Journal application, either turn off its associated options or consider deleting the app altogether. This can significantly improve battery life by reducing unnecessary notifications and background activity.
  4. App Privacy Report: If you don’t use the App Privacy Report feature, disable it. This feature tracks your activities for reporting purposes, and turning it off can contribute to improved battery life.

Additional Options to Boost Battery Performance

Beyond privacy settings, consider these three additional options:

  1. Always On Display: If your iPhone supports an always-on display, go to Settings, Display and Brightness. Turning off the option to show wallpaper on the lock screen can enhance battery life.
  2. Sound and Haptics: In the Sound and Haptics settings, turning off Keyboard Haptics can help conserve battery life. Apple acknowledges that using this feature may impact battery life negatively.
  3. General and Airdrop: In General settings, if you don’t use the new Airdrop feature “Bring Devices Together,” consider turning it off. This feature allows two devices to share information when brought together but may not be necessary for everyone.


After applying these changes, monitor your device’s battery performance and share your experience in the comments below. I’ve personally noticed an extra 20 to 30 minutes of on-screen time after making these adjustments. Give it a try and let me know if these tips have helped improve your iPhone’s battery life. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next one. Peace!


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