iOS 17.3 is Out! - What's New?

iOS 17.3 is Out! – What’s New?

Hi everyone, Apple released iOS 17.3 to the public. iOS 17.3 is out around the world.

Supported Devices and Releases

At the same time for everyone, as long as you have an iOS 17-supported device, this is released alongside many other updates for things such as Apple Watch, iPad, Apple TV, and others. We have new features to music that have been added as well as security updates and more. So, let’s jump right into the new features.

New Features, Changes, and Updates

If we go into Music, the first thing that you’ll see once you’ve installed iOS 17.3 is a new splash screen with all the new feature updates. If we go into Music, then our library, playlists, and we create a new playlist – let’s put a new playlist as an example here – once we tap Create, you’ll see that we have a new option in the upper right with a little person here. So, you’ll see that here, and if we tap on the person, we have the option to invite people to join. We can approve collaborators and start collaborating. So, if we tap on start collaborating, we’ll be presented with our share sheet, and then we can actually share this either with a text or maybe we could Airdrop it. Whatever you choose, you can see on the other device I sent it to, we have the option to join a playlist. We can tap join, and then it will join into the playlist we just created. If we tap join again once we’ve done that, we’ll be able to share our libraries. So, you’ll see they’re in sync now. I have them side by side. Let me go ahead and add a few different songs, so we’ll add this one, we’ll just add a few that showed up right here, and tap done. So now we’ve got them here. They’ll automatically sync on the other side and show you who they’ve been added by. So, if you have multiple collaborators, you’ll see that here. Also, if we go ahead and tap the little icon in the upper right, you’ll see now there are two different people here, and it shows the collaborators again and gives you options to either stop collaborating. You can share a link, invite more people, and turn on approve if you’d like. Also, if we tap on a song – let me turn this down here – if we tap on a song that’s playing if we go into this, you’ll see we have a new option for an emoji. If we tap on that, we can now add an emoji reaction. So, if we like the song, we can give it a thumbs up. We can change that to whatever we’d like, and it’s animated as well. So, if we want to change it maybe to a little party symbol there, and we can add others as well. So, we have the option to add more emoji, whatever we’d like here. If we want to add a little smiley face, we can do that, and it animates for everyone that we add. So, it’s a nice little update to music that they’ve added throughout all of the playlists, something we’ve had or wanted for a while that they’ve shown with iOS 17 that we finally have a big feature.

A Big Device Protection Update

One significant feature that Apple has added with iOS 17.3 is stolen device protection. If we go into our settings, scroll down, go to Face ID and passcode, put in our passcode, and scroll down again once we’re in this menu, you’ll see a new option for stolen device protection. We can turn this on, and it says this adds another layer of security when the iPhone is away from familiar locations such as home and work. Face ID is required to access certain data, and a delay prevents quick changes to security settings. Now, this is a little bit of an issue sometimes if maybe you’re planning to bring it to Apple for service. You may want to turn it off ahead of time since this typically finds where you’re located based on your home and other places. If we go to turn it off, we’ll have to put in our Face ID, and then sometimes it will delay it for an hour. So, that’s a feature to makes it more difficult to change settings and passcodes. We can tap start security delay, and despite me being at home, it still makes me wait an hour to turn this backoff. So just keep that in mind if you’re going to use it, but it is something new that’s nice that makes it much harder to change information if someone were to grab your device. We’ll tap done, and then we’ll go back. Something else they’ve added that sort of goes along with device security has to do with lockdown mode. If we go to privacy and security, scroll down to the bottom, and if we have lockdown mode enabled, Game Center will no longer function properly. So keep that in mind if you want to use lockdown mode for the most secure device possible, certain functions won’t work, and they’ve added Game Center to that list this time.

New Wallpaper

Around if we go back to our lock screen, they’ve added a new wallpaper. Press and hold, we’ll go over and start a new wallpaper or add one here. If we scroll down, you’ll see a new Unity wallpaper. It says designed by black creatives and allies at Apple to honor black history and culture. This goes along with an all-new Apple Watch band as well, and we have different options here. So, we can swipe between styles where we have different colors such as red, green, and multicolor or black, and pick whatever we choose. Again, we have a couple of different options, and Apple typically adds these every year around the same point. So, we have the older ones that we had from previous years, but we also have some new ones called Unity Bloom. So, if you want to use those, they’re now available.

Staying in Hotels just got better

If you travel a lot and stay in hotels often, there’s a new feature that will be beneficial once the hotel supports it. If we go into our settings, then General, then AirPlay and Handoff, if you’re using AirPlay, select hotels that support AirPlay to TVs or Apple TVs will now have the option to allow you to AirPlay from your device without actually signing into anything or transferring any personal data. It keeps the device secure and also allows you to transfer things such as music if you want to AirPlay. You can set it to music or movies or anything else that you can AirPlay; you’ll be able to do that in hotels. So hopefully, many hotels start to support this. Also, there’s an

See More of Your Devices

Update your settings under General and then Apple Care and Warranty. Apple Care and warranty will now show you all the devices signed into your Apple ID, not just those paired with the device that you’re using. So if we scroll down, you’ll see all the different devices


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