1. “Zakat” charity balances the society n saves our brothers from social deprivations.
  2. “Zakat purifies your money as fire purifies the iron “Al hadith.
  3. Charity extinguishing the fire of Jahannam n Ramadan vanishes the anger of Almighty.
  4. Charity in Ramadan is the best deed ever.
  5. Allah loves every single act of kindness and love and in Ramadan. He loves it even more.
  6. Ramadan enlightens the mind, beautifies the thoughts, and feeds the soul, n charity saves them all.
  7. Ramadan is the month to learn the things which you are going to practice throughout the year. 
  8. Ramadan is not about putting your bad habits on pause; it’s about correctly leaving them and Sadqah “charity” stamps on that.
  9. Learn good habits in Ramadan not only for Ramadan but for the whole of your life.
  10. Feel the real Noor of Ramadan in masaajid with salat n Qur’an and protect this Noor with charity.
  11. Charity is not from your leftover money instead of its from your most loved n precious thing or when even you yourself need it as well.
  12. Do charity in Ramadan even by breaking the fast of someone with a single date or water.