1. A quiet corner of your house, a prayer mat, Qur’ an-e-Kareem, and you with your creator is what your heart craves for.
  2. Heal your soul in odd nights because your creator himself is there to listen to you and heal you.
  3. Don’t waste your last Ashra /last ten days in shopping, gathering n aftaar parties be with your Lord n be carefree after that.
  4. The last ten days, especially the odd nights, are the guarantee of qabuliyat /acceptance of your prayers, so be there n quench your thirst of magfirah.
  5. Your Lord can listen to all your unsaid prayers; only he can answer the prayers you even have forgotten n Ramadan is the best chance to attract His mercy n if you choose odd night there no way of rejection.
  6. If you want something, you can’t ask anyone else for that, come, pray to your Lord in odd nights n He will fulfill all your dreams.
  7. A dream come true means say in an odd night, and it will be fulfilled in a way you couldn’t even imagine.
  8. Ramadan is a golden chance we get every year to change ourselves and to be back on the straight path Almighty had shown us in Quran.