1. “Selfie with the beard.”
  2. “No shave December.”
  3. “No filter needed.”
  4. “Let your inner voice out.”
  5. “Job can fill your needs but business can fill your dreams.”
  6. “No matter what.”
  7. “Jealously destroy people.”
  8. “No more people needed.”
  9. “Please provide.”
  10. “Kiss my ass.”
  11. “The dumbest thing ever happened to me.”
  12. “One bottle of champagne can turn your mood like heaven.”
  13. “It’s only because of you.”
  14. “Save Water Drink Beer.”
  15. “You call it’s an attitude.? then you never saw my worse.”
  16. “I know I am soo bad but still you can call me DAD.”
  17. “If you afraid of something then do it until you enjoying it.”
  18. “No more selfie.”
  19. “Selfie without a filter.”
  20. “Yeah, that’s my buddy Now we can talk about it.”
  21. “Don’t interrupt my mind or I screw you all.”
  22. “Being smart is kind of boring thing Now So I started to be dumb. That’s cool.”
  23. “Breaking Bad.”
  24. “Want to be happy stop caring about things.”
  25. “No more things I want now.”
  26. “Yes babe, I am single wanna help.?.”
  27. “Are you kidding me?”
  28. “You must face failure if you want to win.”
  29. “Never wait for the opportunities and for the right time, just make the opportunities and the right time.”
  30. “Kings are meant to rule.”
  31. “Stop making predictions about my character just spend a few minutes with me and then decide.”
  32. “failures are stronger than winners because they knew the real meaning of losing something.”
  33. “Friends forever.”
  34. “Stop acting like a player and don’t forget I am the game.”
  35. “I can change the whole game, wanna see that.?”