Ramadan Status For Instagram

  1. Ramadan helps us to live positively and let go our all negativity away.
  2. Ramadan is like a fresh & cold wind in summer.
  3. Everyday is Ramadan and the Akirah will be your Eid.
  4. We do what is right and must do, that’s why we all are happy on Ramadan.
  5. When you stand up to pray, pray as if it’s your last prayer.
  6. The prophet said: on the month of Ramadan, Allah opens all the gates of heaven, closes the gates of hell, and chain the devils.
  7. Allah says that the Ramadan month is a very important month in every Muslims life because in this month Allah comes to our house.
  8. Ramadan ends today but don’t worry about it, it will come next year again.
  9. Don’t behave gently only for Ramadan, behave gently for your entire life.
  10. As Allah said; those who do good in Ramadan month, he multiplies his all deeds by 70.
  11. Ramadan is the only month in which Muslims ask whatever they wish and apologies if they have done something wrong.
  12. Thank you Allah, for giving me and my family everything they needed!
  13. Ramadan helps us to connect with the Allah.
  14. Ramadan is the holy month for all Muslims.
  15. Ramadan Recipe: Care, Love, Peace, Truth mix it with Quran and Congo your meal is ready. Enjoy your meal.
  16. Every night in Ramadan, Allah chooses people to be saved from the hell fire.
  17. Ramadan is like Winter, just as you find a way how to keep warm, it disappears for another year to come.