Quotes on Importance of Ramadan

  1. It is said by the Holy Prophet S.A.W that Allah S.W.T says,
  2. “Malaika writes every deed’s reward, but the Soam /fasting in Ramadan is the only act Allah will reward for it by Himself.”
  3. Ramadan is as essential for the soul as new software to a device.
  4. No one can deny the importance of Ramadan, whether its a Muslim or a non-Muslim, because Ramadan is equally blessed for all.
  5. Ramadan comes to purify the soul n body by fasting
  6. Ramadan is the month of charity, so purify your money along with your soul.
  7. How can I tell the importance of a month when Allah himself describes it many times in his Holy Book.
  8. Ramadan is the blank cheque; you can fill it by your own figures but with Ibadah, fasting n helping others.
  9. Count every single moment of Ramadan as its not just a moment; it’s a treasure to save n keep for your akhirah.
  10. Ramadan is the staircase to Jannah.
  11. If you want to reach Jannah, follow the Qur’an n if you want to book a ticket to it get it in Ramadan.
  12. Ramadan unites the ummah in a way no else activity can do in any other way.