1. “Be men not a coward, face the problem like the men.”
  2. “Men refuse to be the real he is.”
  3. “Ones you stop chasing the wrong girl, the right girl will catch you.”
  4. “Think twice before make your move.”
  5. “If you are doing something great then stop seeing time.”
  6. “Men will always be Men.”
  7. “A true man perfectly knows how to respect his woman.”
  8. “A real king doesn’t have a million queens, he has only one queen with he loves in a million ways.”
  9. “Man will always work silently so that his Lamborghini make some loud noise.”
  10. “A true and loyal man hard to find so if you have one respects him.”
  11. “No more lies please.”
  12. “Be the one who can rule the world.”
  13. “No man will be perfect without a woman.”
  14. “Don’t talk too much just show your moves.”
  15. “Sometimes, bad things are nice.”
  16. “Every morning comes with a new and different chapter.”
  17. “Attitude is a precious thing, hope you will find the best one.”
  18. “Every story has a different conclusion.”
  19. “Work hard until you buy your own Ferrari.”
  20. “Perfect things only exist in books.”
  21. “Don’t worry about the result just do your hard work.”
  22. “Great things never happen in real life you have to do something for it.”
  23. “If you want to have fun then log into kissmyass.com.”
  24. “A smart always think about his next move.”
  25. “If you want some respect then learn how to give.”