Instagram Captions About Food & Coffee

  1. Eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti
  2. Good food = good mood
  3. I followed my heart and it lead me to the fridge
  4. You gotta nourish to flourish
  5. When you’re downie eat a brownie
  6. It’s coffee o’clock
  7. Caffeine & kindness
  8. I don’t need an inspirational quote, I need coffee
  9. I love the smell of coffee in the morning
  10. Drink some coffee & pretend you know what you’re doing
  11. A party without cake is just a meeting -Julia Child
  12. All the coffee, please
  13. If you are what you eat I’m (blank)
  14. Penne for your thoughts?
  15. You guac my world
  16. Eat like you love yourself
  17. Weekends are for brunch
  18. But first, coffee
  19. Squeeze the day
  20. I scream for ice cream
  21. Never settle for just one scoop
  22. Wine + dinner = winner
  23. Life is too short for celery sticks
  24. Be a cupcake in a world of muffins
  25. If we weren’t meant to have midnight snacks why is there a light in the fridge?
  26. Cool as a cucumber
  27. I am thankful for all the different ways there are to eat potatoes
  28. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it.
  29. Just peachy
  30. Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity
  31. I’m a lady in the street but a freak in the buffet
  32. Nacho cheese
  33. Let them eat cake
  34. Espresso may not be the answer but it’s worth a shot
  35. I don’t want to taco ‘bout it
  36. An apple a day…
  37. Eggscuse me?
  38. Extra fries? Oh, you said exercise…
  39. I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere
  40. Okie dokie, artichokie
  41. Pizza is the only love triangle I ever want
  42. There’s no “we” in fries
  43. In pizza we crust
  44. First I drink coffee, then I do the things
  45. I’m crazy pho you
  46. Eating just in case I get hungry later
  47. I’m soy into you
  48. Lunch hour is the best hour of the day
  49. Surround yourself with pizza, not negativity
  50. What’s a snack to an entree
  51. Just a general life update: Hungry again
  52. Cooking rule: If at first you don’t succeed, order pizza
  53. Donut kill my vibe
  54. You’re one in a melon
  55. Be a Fruit Loop in a world of Cheerios
  56. No one is lonely while eating spaghetti, it requires so much attention
  57. Don’t be eye candy, be soul food
  58. Espresso yourself
  59. I love you berry much
  60. Whisk me away
  61. If you’ve lost your appetite today I think I have it
  62. Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner -Sophia Loren
  63. Looking for a snack
  64. It’s cake o’clock
  65. Ice cream is cheaper than therapy
  66. Abs aren’t made in the kitchen but cookies are
  67. I would love you if you were pizza
  68. You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach
  69. All I want is food and affection
  70. You can’t please everyone, you are not an avocado
  71. Spread love as thick as nutella
  72. Waffles are just pancakes with abs
  73. I enjoy long, romantic walks to the fridge
  74. How do I like my eggs? Umm, in a cake?
  75. A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands
  76. Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles
  77. It’s hard to be sad when you’re eating a cookie
  78. Resting coffee face
  79. Adulting is soup but I am a fork
  80. I’ll steal your snacks, not your man
  81. I’m thankful for all the different ways to eat potatoes
  82. I’m just a girl, standing in front of a donut, asking it to be a salad
  83. Torn between looking like a snack and eating a snack
  84. Ice cream is cheaper than therapy
  85. Eat pasta, run fasta
  86. Waffles are just pancakes with abs
  87. People disappoint but Queso is forever
  88. Just a general life update: Still hungry.
  89. You’re one in a melon
  90. They call me ranch ‘cause I be dressing
  91. Roses are red, pizza sauce is too. I just ordered a large and none of it is for you
  92. You must be one spicy dish because you’re making my heart burn
  93. She believed she could, sushi did
  94. We make a great pear
  95. Stay brewtiful
  96. If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.
  97. If it involves pasta or sunsets, count me in.
  98. Lettuce turnip the beet
  99. Me: eats a snack while looking for a different snack
  100. Life is uncertain, eat dessert first 
  101. Age and glasses of wine should never be counted
  102. A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand
  103. My weaknesses have always been food and men—in that order
  104. Life is a combination of magic and pasta
  105. Promises and pie crusts are made to be broken
  106. If we’re not meant to have midnight snacks then why is there a light in the fridge?
  107. The secret ingredient is always cheese
  108. Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate
  109. Soup of the day: Champagne
  110. Never settle for just one scoop of ice cream. You’re a two-scoop of ice cream kind of person.
  111. It’s never too cold for ice cream
  112. You’re the sprinkles to my ice cream
  113. Life happens. Coffee helps.
  114. You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach
  115. Coffee is always a good idea
  116. I like hashtags because they look like waffles
  117. Don’t go bacon my heart
  118. If only taking a picture made this meal last longer
  119. Party like a guac star
  120. Cheese is the glue that holds my life together
  121. I followed my heart and it lead me to the buffet
  122. Have a cup of positivitea 🍵
  123. Chocolate is cheaper than therapy
  124. Food before dudes
  125. Pasta la vista, baby!
  126. You can’t please everyone, you are not cake
  127. Whatever sprinkles your donuts
  128. Last name, Hungry. First name, Always.
  129. No matter what happens, pizza will always be there for you. Through thick and thin, in crust we trust.
  130. “Did you eat?” Has to be one of the most romantic questions ever
  131. Me: Do that thing I like. My husband/wife: *Orders pizza*
  132. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes: Small, large, circle, square, thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, extra toppings.
  133. I may act like I’m okay but deep down, I’m hungry again
  134. Don’t tell me you miss me, tell me you’re outside with tacos. Actions > words.
  135. My rap name is Lil Hungry.
  136. Blood is thicker than water but maple syrup is thicker than blood so technically pancakes are more important than family
  137. Let’s wine about it
  138. Coffee in one hand, confidence in the other