1. “Boys have swag… Men have style but the gentlemen have class.”
  2. “If nobody hates you then you’re quite a boring person.”
  3. “Every story has a different ending.”
  4. “Always find time for your loved ones.”
  5. “A smile can make a lot of difference.”
  6. “Laugh out loud.”
  7. “Trying to solve me…? Keep trying!.”
  8. “Be yourself… Trust me it’s cool more than anything else.”
  9. “Silent people have the loudest mind.”
  10. “Don’t keep your voice inner you… Let it out sometimes.”
  11. “Don’t predict to be classy if you already are.”
  12. “This is soo cool… Isn’t it.”
  13. “Don’t play with me… Because I am the whole game.”
  14. “I’m the package of royalty, so don’t be jealous of my personality.”
  15. “Be Cool, Stay Hot, Live classy, and walk Sassy.”
  16. “Some old dairies remind me about old memories So I close them permanently.”
  17. “Bingo!.”
  18. “Live like the king.”
  19. “There are only two things… GOOD & BAD! Choose your side.”
  20. “This is just a drop, the ocean is waiting for you.”
  21. “I love my beard more than you.”
  22. “More you love, more you hate.”
  23. “If you hate me then it’s your actions who responsible for it.”
  24. “Watch your moves before taking it.”
  25. “Decisions are meant to be taken.”
  26. “Let’s play games on Play Station, not with someone’s heart.”
  27. “Neither I love you, nor you love me.”
  28. “I think it’s the time when we take a tough decision.”
  29. “I know I dream too big but at least I am doing something with my dreams.”
  30. “Face your problems like a tiger don’t back off like a coward.”
  31. “No one dies virgin because our life f*ck us all.”
  32. “Take a deep breath and calm down, nothings gonna happen.”
  33. “My attitude is soo expensive you can’t afford it.”
  34. “Your life is cheaper than a Chocolate.”
  35. “When I am cool I stay silent but when I am angry I lost my temper.”
  36. “Stop pocking me otherwise I pocked you like hell.”
  37. “I don’t want any part-time people in my life.”
  38. “Would like to roam the world then do it… don’t wait for anyone else.”
  39. “You can’t live your whole life with this.”
  40. “No more words I have left for myself.”