1. “Super classy always sassy.”
  2. “Forget about people just do what you want.”
  3. “Kill people with your success.”
  4. “The best revenge is NO REVENGE.”
  5. “Don’t worry about the result just do your job leave the rest.”
  6. “Whatever a man did he did it for his family.”
  7. “Be a Man full of responsibility.”
  8. “I am a book and have a bundle of stories inside me.”
  9. “Classy things are not affordable for you buddy… so, go and looking something else.”
  10. “Hating me without knowing me… doesn’t make any sense.”
  11. “You should have guts to raise your hand in the public and say whatever you want to.”
  12. “A real man takes risks just to save his family.”
  13. “Who needed classy captions for boys.? Wait! I am the one.”
  14. “One glass beer is better than one fake friend.”
  15. “Yes, I’m single and I’m happy with it.”
  16. “The bad guys are always having fun.”
  17. “Some girls just need a high-five in the face.”
  18. “#Black Love.”
  19. “All Black so swag.”
  20. “Live the life that you want.”
  21. “If I love you I’m the best, if I hate you, I’m the worst.”
  22. “Why so serious? enjoy every second of your life.”
  23. “I have the sexiest mind… I can do whatever my mind wants.”
  24. “Nobody is innocent here. All have their bad sides.”
  25. “If I have a remote control then I’ll rewind my life again and again.”