1. “Short sassy cute & classy.”
  2. “No More Captions needed.”
  3. “Without filter Selfie.”
  4. “#Bhaichara.”
  5. “So much happiness.”
  6. “Simple Cute & Handsome.”
  7. “Naughty thoughts a day keeps the stress away.”
  8. “I love myself more than I.”
  9. “Always choose yourself first.”
  10. “I don’t awe you to define myself read me if you want to be with me.”
  11. “Never judge a person by his clothes.”
  12. “My Attitude makes me stronger.”
  13. “Yes! I don’t have any girlfriend doesn’t mean I am dumb I have my own toys to play with… It is just I don’t wanna play with anybody’s emotions.”
  14. “Even god sees your efforts then decides to help you.”
  15. “Don’t anyone decides your decisions.”
  16. “Let the new morning rise.”
  17. “People have different tastes… But, I have the best one.”
  18. “I am the best version of me.”
  19. “Since I started saying NO, I found fewer people in my life.”
  20. “I always say the right things but people found something wrong in it.”
  21. “Strong, kind, Intelligent, Smart all in one = ME.”
  22. “I prefer fewer people in my life than fake ones.”
  23. “Never tell anyone about your next move.”
  24. “Something big will happen soon.”
  25. “Your secrets have to be in secret.”
  26. “Start doing smart work… There are so many people who are doing a lot of hard work and still unsuccessful.”
  28. “Don’t be soo easy, let people understand you.”
  29. “Start doing party it won’t hurt you.”
  30. “Be kind, Have some patience time will come with lots of happiness.”