1. “An attitude makes you better of you.”
  2. “If you think I am worse then you’re wrong I am worst.”
  3. “Hey, I am ……………….. write anything you want…”
  4. “Positive or Negative? Choose One.”
  5. “Have patience your time will also come.”
  6. “Stop checking my status… Start doing good in your own life.”
  7. “One vodka shot can turn your mood.”
  8. “Books have stories but I have a library.”
  9. “A new opportunity is waiting for you every day… just you should have eyes to see it.”
  10. “Don’t wait for your turn. Otherwise, you will always be waiting.”
  11. “Wear your attitude before clothes coz it decides your place.”
  12. “Make a plan and move towards it.”
  13. “Do something on yourself.”
  14. “Sometimes, being nice can be worst.”
  15. “Save your best move until it’s time.”
  16. “Don’t mess anybody’s life.”
  17. “True men never let his girl down.”
  18. “My Attitude is double of my height.”
  19. “Don’t call it attitude that’s my personality.”
  20. “Broken heart is needed to be stronger.”
  21. “Take me as I am or leave me as I worst.”
  22. “Make me proud to be real yourself.”
  23. “Brothers from another mother.”
  24. “Keep Calm and Stay Stronger.”
  25. “Find me where the worst things are.”
  26. “No more selfish women I want in my life.”
  27. “Please help me out to understands me better.”
  28. “What’s the best time to have sh*t on you.? Can you please tell me so that I can do it as you do always.”
  29. “I am the worst thing ever happen to you if you poked me badly.”
  30. “100% Savage 100% Classy.”
  31. “Keep looking maybe you’ll find a better version of yourself.”
  32. “Even Salt looks like sugar… So don’t always trust your eyes.”
  33. “Fill your girlfriend’s heart full of happiness.”
  34. “Be a badass with a sexy ass.”
  35. “Keep your mind cool, Always ready to take risks, and never leave work for tomorrow.”
  36. “If you really want to be successful then you will have to work soo hard.”
  37. “Don’t make the same mistake again and again.”
  38. “Never be late at the right places.”
  39. “I’m damn sure about what I’m doing.”
  40. “Keep the wrong things out of your path.”
  41. “Stop wasting your time caring about someone else.”
  42. “Fuzzy and cozy.”
  43. “Hey, you! Yes, I’m talking to you.”
  44. “You think you’re cool enough.? No, you’re not.”
  45. “I don’t give a damn about people who think I’m dumb.”
  46. “If people will jealous of you, then you’re doing good better than they are.”
  47. “A man is incomplete without his beard.”
  48. “We all playing an important role in our lives.”
  49. “Handsome man with a charming personality.”
  50. “Man will always man but the women become aunty one day.”