‘I Need A Lawyer’ – Bongo Ideas Finally Cries Out

Is Ghanaian self-acclaim intelligent critic Bongo Ideas coiling at our very own eyes?

I mean has the Twitter troll, who sees himself as a critical critic finally gone against his own teachings, or maybe not?

Bongo Ideas

Bongo Ideas has finally revealed that he needs a lawyer – this being the first time the netizen has been successfully sued, I expect more.

Bongo was summoned by Kojo Forex for allegedly publishing ‘defamatory statements’ against the latter.

Bongo earlier responded that he is ready to meet Kojo boots for boots.

However, the latest update from Bongo on Twitter indicates that the never-folding man needs a lawyer.

“I NEED A LAWYER!!!”, he tweeted a while ago.

Check out a screenshot below or visit OccupyGh.com for more related stories.

bongo ideas need lawyer

Source: OccupyGh.net 

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‘I Need A Lawyer’ – Bongo Ideas Finally Cries Out

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