Hunter Biden’s Threatening WhatsApp Messages to Chinese Businessman Over $5 Million ‘Commitment’ |

Recently surfaced WhatsApp messages indicate that Hunter Biden had threatened the Chinese businessman, Henry Zhao, over an unfulfilled “commitment”. As per bank records, Zhao had sent more than $5 million to the Bidens just days after the exchange. 


It wasn’t just any IRS whistleblower who testified under oath, but the one who oversaw the investigation into Hunter Biden, until he was fired ahead of the 2020 elections. Hunter used strong language in his message to Zhao, conveying his displeasure and reminding him of the commitment made and why it was important to fulfil it. Reports suggest that both Hunter and his father, Joe Biden, were part of the conversation.

Hunter Biden said, “Please tell the director that I want to resolve this soon, before it gets worse. By soon, I mean tonight.” He then added, “Z, I assure you, if I get any calls or texts related to this matter from someone other than you, Zhang, or the chairman, you’ll regret not following my instructions. Thanks to the man sitting next to me and everyone he knows.”


Joe Biden has consistently denied any knowledge of his son’s foreign business deals and has dismissed allegations that he profited from Hunter’s illicit affairs with Ukrainian corrupt politicians and Chinese businessmen.


According to IRS claims, on July 30, 2017, Hunter sent a letter to Henry Zhao, CEO of Harvest Fund Management.


Rep. Claudi Tenney (R-NY) echoed that it is highly likely that both Joe and Hunter Biden were present when the alleged threat was made. The President’s son was at the Biden family’s Wilmington, Delaware home on July 30, 2017, according to images taken from Hunter Biden’s laptop, she said.

Bank records strengthen Zhao’s assertion that he transferred over $5 million to Hunter Biden, followed by an additional $1 million to Joe Biden’s brother’s consulting firm. As per the Senate GOP investigation, a CEFC subsidiary made two payments to accounts related to Hunter, totaling $5.1 million. The transactions occurred within 10 days of Hunter’s WhatsApp message with a Chinese official associated with CEFC, and the CEFC corporate account was subsequently closed on suspicion of money laundering. These details come from New York Times journalist Ken Vogel’s reporting.

According to Christopher Clark, Hunter Biden’s lawyer, the allegations made against his client are grossly misleading. The person who leaked the WhatsApp message that the Department of Justice allegedly withheld from IRS investigators before Hunter’s first plea deal is said to have committed an “illegal” act according to an IRS whistleblower.


This issue has been haunted by selective leaks fueled by politics for years. Not only are such actions reckless but they’re also against the law. If you take a close look at the document made public by this biased individual yesterday, you might have significant doubts that its contents are genuine. Clark warns that drawing any conclusions or inferences from this document would be dangerously misleading. “The DOJ investigation covered a time when my client was wrapped up in turmoil and addiction.”

Clark, my client who battled with a terrible addiction, asserted that any actions or words attributed to him are his alone, disconnected from anyone in his family.


Following a meticulous investigation spanning five years by the US Department of Justice (DOJ), my client has acknowledged two instances of misdemeanour failure to pay taxes and a firearm charge, the latter of which will be resolved via pretrial diversion. As his attorney throughout the entire process, I can say with certainty that any suggestion the inquiry was not exhaustive, took shortcuts, or granted my client undue leniency is unfounded, and highly irresponsible.


Whether the plea agreement secures the President’s son’s exemption from jail for these three misdemeanour charges hinges on its validity in court.


Hunter Biden’s Threatening WhatsApp Messages to Chinese Businessman Over $5 Million ‘Commitment’ |

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