How to Use AI to Become an Effective Programmer?

How to Use AI to Become an Effective Programmer?

Programmers not using AI are missing out. In this article, I’m going to show you a free and powerful tool that will give a huge boost to your productivity. I’ll demonstrate how you can use it for the best results. Oh, and it also provides GPT-4 for free.

It’s Okay To Use AI

Now, there’s a lot of stigma around using AI, but I think that there’s no shame in using AI. It’s just a tool that developers can use. I don’t think that AI is cheating at all, and you can still have full control over your project. You know, I look at AI as training wheels that even experts can use. There’s nothing wrong with not knowing the answer; a developer cannot know everything, and AI just gives you that extra bit of help to point you in the right direction.

While AI is inaccurate sometimes, it’s important to do your research. It can give you the boost you need to solve the problem at hand when the information isn’t readily available. Many claim that AI isn’t good enough yet, but I disagree. It’s a matter of how you use AI that is important. You don’t have to use AI if you don’t want to, but it’s something that I’ve found helpful in my productivity and in learning new things. The AI doesn’t teach me everything; I ask it a question, it gives me suggestions, and then I Google it to delve deeper.

What Is Pieces?

Let’s take a look at Pieces for developers. If you’re interested, there is a link in the description, and it’s completely free. Even after they monetize the product, if you sign up now, you’ll get an entire year for free. There are no bank details required. For disclosure, Pieces for Developers has kindly sponsored this video, but the information I’m sharing is all honest opinions, and I’ll provide some feedback as well.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been using Pieces for Developers for my C project, and it has significantly boosted my productivity. It’s superior to ChatGPT because, firstly, you have access to Visual Studio Code. Secondly, you can give it context, so it understands what you’re talking about. In ChatGPT, it often forgets the context, and you need to remind it. Pieces offer more than just chat; it has some incredible features that can benefit you as a developer. Moreover, it works offline, providing a reliable resource even in areas with slow or no internet access.

Code Snippets

One of my favorite features of the AI is the code snippets. There are various ways to save code snippets, and it’s incredibly useful. You can search and choose how to search, either with AI or just text. For instance, if I want to convert a string to long, it shows me the saved C example, eliminating the need to search online. There are numerous ways to save snippets, like in a co-pilot prompt, on-device, or on the cloud. I choose GPT-4 for its accuracy and advancements. Remember, I haven’t paid anything; Pieces provided all this without bank details. If you’re using C and want to remind yourself how to read files, simply ask a co-pilot and save the response to your list. While sometimes it misinterprets languages, you can correct it. It also provides an explanation of the code and links to relevant documentation. It’s crucial not to blindly trust the AI; reading and understanding documentation is key.

In conclusion, the snippets feature is amazing. It saves time and effort spent searching through various sources, making it an invaluable tool.

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Message Context

A common issue with ChatGPT is its tendency to forget the context of the conversation. Pieces for Developers has addressed this with a simple feature. For example, if you’re creating download progress with JavaScript, you can click a button to use the current code as the context in the next messages. This allows you to fine-tune the code as you go. While you need to press it as context, it enables a more refined conversation, enhancing the model’s understanding, especially when compared to ChatGPT.

VS Code Extension

The great thing about Pieces for Developers is its integration with Visual Studio Code. You can do various tasks inside VS Code, like getting code explanations, cleaning up code, and inserting saved snippets directly. Whether you use GPT-3.5 for quick answers or GPT-4 for accuracy, customization options abound. Pieces offer comprehensive information in one message, making it a powerful tool.

Browser Extension

Pieces for Developers extends its functionality with a browser extension. You can quickly launch an instance to get information or save snippets directly. The live update feature ensures prompt and efficient use, making it a seamless experience for users.

Code Screenshots

Another remarkable feature is the ability to use code screenshots. Instead of copying code to help someone on Discord, you can screenshot it and prompt a co-pilot with the image. Even errors can be saved as snippets, providing a convenient reference for future problem-solving.

Website Context

You can leverage Pieces for Developers by providing websites as context. If you’re using the YouTube API, for instance, you can copy the link and use it as a prompt. This way, the co-pilot will provide relevant information based on the context of the website.

File Context

Pieces for Developers allows you to provide files as context. This is particularly helpful when revisiting old projects. Adding files to context enables the co-pilot to explain the code within those files, offering an in-depth understanding. While you need to be specific in mentioning the file in the prompt, this feature is a valuable addition.

GitHub Gists

The tool also allows you to select Gists from your GitHub profile, making it easy to save and search snippets directly from your account.


In conclusion, Pieces for Developers is a relatively new but promising tool. With ongoing updates and improvements, it’s exciting to see its potential. Thanks for Reading, and stay tuned for more content, including an upcoming Article, where I cover an algorithm in C. See you soon!


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