How did Chad Doerman allegedly murder his sons at home?

Chad Doerman murdered his sons Chase, 3, Hunter, 4, and Clayton, 7, at their home in Clermont County, Ohio, on June 14, 2023, authorities said. (Mugshot: Clermont County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Newly revealed documents detail how an Ohio father allegedly executed his three sons and how the boys’ mother and sister heroically tried to save them. The bill of particulars against defendant Chad Doerman, 32, sheds light on how he allegedly killed the children and even how long he contemplated the act.

But it falls short on revealing a key detail — the motive for the deaths of Chase, 3, Hunter, 4, and Clayton, 7.

Doerman returned home from work early on June 14, according to the bill of particulars obtained by WCPO. He allegedly asked his wife and sons to join him for a nap in the master bedroom. His rifle, a Marlin Model HC .22, was next to the bed, authorities said. Meanwhile, the boys’ sister watched TV in the family room.

Doerman got into bed with his wife and sons, got out of bed, grabbed the rifle, loaded the magazine, and allegedly shot one of the boys twice. The mother immediately tried to help the boy and told the other sons to run.

The sister had seen the first shots fired, authorities said. She ran after one of the sons, screaming for him to keep running, according to the documents. Doerman allegedly chased and fired at the boy, striking him. The child fell. His father allegedly shot him at close range.

The girl returned to the home and picked up one of her other brothers, holding him in her arms in another attempt to flee.

Doerman caught up to them, however, raised the rifle, and demanded she put the child down, authorities alleged. He allegedly tried to fire but failed — the gun appeared empty, according to documents.

The boy ran to his mother, who had left the home and gone into the yard to help the son who had been shot outside. The sister ran to the nearby fire department, telling a passerby about her father “killing everyone.”

Doerman allegedly approached the surviving boy and the mother and bit the woman to get the child away.

How did Chad Doerman allegedly murder his sons at home?

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