Houston Texans minority owner Javier Loya charged with rape

Javier Loya (via YouTube screengrab/OTC Global Holdings).

Javier Loya, a minority stakeholder for the Houston Texans professional football team, is reportedly facing multiple charges involving rape and sex abuse tied to allegations stemming from a May 2022 incident.

The charges were filed in Kentucky and were first reported by NBC Sports Pro Football Talk Monday. Loya faces a single count of rape in Jefferson County, Kentucky as well as five counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse. Loya had denied the allegations and his attorney Andrew Sarne told the Houston Chronicle that Loya “voluntarily” submitted to a polygraph test and passed with flying colors.

Polygraphs, or lie-detector tests, are not considered scientifically reliable or accurate and their admissibility in court, in full or in part, is left up to individual states to determine. In Kentucky, criminal courts do not traditionally consider polygraph results to be admissible at trial.

Houston Texans minority owner Javier Loya charged with rape

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