HIV Self-Testing Kit Unveiled In Accra Ghana

Accra witnessed the launch of a revolutionary HIV self-testing kit on 19 July 2023, a significant step towards promoting HIV awareness and testing in Ghana.

The introduction of this user-friendly device aims to empower individuals to check their status discreetly and conveniently, within the comfort of their homes or any chosen location.

Supported by the Global Fund to fight HIV, AIDS, and Tuberculosis, this kit promises quick and accurate results, encouraging more people to take charge of their health and get tested.

With enhanced confidentiality and ease of use, the self-testing kit is expected to play a vital role in increasing HIV testing rates and reducing the stigma surrounding the disease.

Netizens reacted to the news:

“Good step”

“HIV has 3 testing systems are they making available the 3 methods? Because 1 test can not be a confirm as HiV positive

An effort to increase HIV patients”

“Question is have they examined those kits probably??
Last we heard some of the Covid19 test kits had Covid on them when they were distributed to some countries.”

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HIV Self-Testing Kit Unveiled In Accra Ghana

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