Here’s Your Wednesday Morning Jamie Raskin Sizzle Reel

Rep. Jamie Raskin has had a couple of years that most of us wouldn’t make it through standing.
He was at the Capitol on January 6th, when his life and those of his colleagues were in imminent danger. This was a week after he announced that his 25-year-old son, who long suffered from depression, had taken his own life. And as if this weren’t enough, Raskin was diagnosed with cancer–diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma–in December 2022, and has been going through chemotherapy.

But in some ways, this all has added to his mystique. Because he’s a brilliant constitutional scholar, a passionate progressive and a gifted orator, skilled at pinning Republicans down and hoisting them on their own petards. And it feels like with every challenge this world throws at him, he not only rises to meet it, but seems to get stronger.

Recently, he’s been showing up to Congress wearing a bandanna (because of his chemo) that he got from Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen’s E-Street Band. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say it fits in perfectly with his bad-ass, rock-star eloquence, which includes biting sarcasm, strong emotion and a repetoire of knowledge few House members possess. He’s used all of it to thoroughly embarrass the likes of Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan.

In this spirit, the Blue Amp Channel has put together a sizzle reel of recent Raskin moments where he’s strafed any Republican dumb enough to get in his way, while also making key legislative and cultural points that have blown up Republican talking points.

Rep. Raskin is a national treasure. Watch his GOP destruction here and subscribe to Blue Amp!

Here’s Your Wednesday Morning Jamie Raskin Sizzle Reel

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