He Got My Number In Traffic, We Got Married A Few Months Later

A young lady has shared what looks like a Cinderella love story after a young man literally got her number from a traffic red-light stop.

The video shared captures the moment a young man approached a lady in traffic.

They both stopped in a red-light traffic as the man got off from his motorbike to ask the lady for her number.

Simple – she gave out the number. They got into a few dates, got married a few months after.

The cherry on the top of the cake with a baby child.

As expected, netizens reacted:


“This will never happen in naija’


“Bro not be africa Ghana ooo the momo you go send no be joke ooo”


“Nyame nkyira broni 😍😍

How many black ladies will you meet dem and thank you for commenting on their beauty?”


“After 2yrs of momo last last you go share with brothers hmm”

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He Got My Number In Traffic, We Got Married A Few Months Later

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