Hawley Tweets Fake Quote To Foist His Religion On Everyone Else

Hawley, who describes himself on Twitter as “Christofascist Christian, constitutional lawyer, husband to Erin, Dad to Elijah, Blaise and Abigail, U.S. Senator for Missouri” knew exactly what he was doing. Like Rand Paul who does this sort of crap routinely, it’s more important to get wrong information out there that their followers believe than what is actually true.

Source: Huffington Post

Sen Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) is under fire for a Fourth of July tweet that managed to include both a false claim and a false quote.

Hawley tweeted a quote he claimed to be from Founding Father Patrick Henry saying the United States was founded “on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Just one problem: Henry ― a slave owner perhaps best remembered for his “give me liberty or give me death” quote ― never said it.

The United States was not founded as a Christian nation ― the First Amendment makes that clear ― and Henry, while deeply religious, didn’t say anything of the sort.

Nor did any of the other Founding Fathers.

The quote is actually from a 1956 magazine article that discussed Henry’s faith.

And naturally, the quote was found in a “virulently antisemitic & white nationalist magazine “The Virginian.”‘

Twitter called bullshit but his tweet is still up, of course.

And if you’re wondering who George Lincoln Rockwell was, only the founder of the American Nazi Party.

Hawley Tweets Fake Quote To Foist His Religion On Everyone Else

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