‘Harden Schools!’ Fox Host Lies About Gun Safety Laws

Fox & Friends cohost Joey Jones mocked Vice President Kamala Harris for advocating for “reasonable gun safety laws” during her visit to Tennessee this week. As we discussed here, Harris gave a great speech defending the actions of the “Tennessee Three,” but it was met with nothing but derision by the hosts of Fox’s weekend morning show.

JONES: Reasonable gun safety laws. I’m so heartbroken that no one had an opportunity to ask what her what those would be. What are those gun laws that keep someone who has never done anything wrong in their life, by the law at least, from going and deciding today’s the day that I snapped, today’s going to be the day that I become a murderous villain and take the lives of innocent people?

I wish I knew what those gun laws are. If I ever find them I’ll advocate for them, but what they want, universal background checks, defacto registry, and the ban of assault weapons, what they call assault weapons, there is no viable evidence to show that those laws would prevent the majority if not most, if not all of what we would call a mass shooting over the last several years.

Now, you want to ban assault weapons, well, California has done a good job of that. They ban versions of it and you know what? Things still happen. There’s still work-arounds. One thing any industry with creativity can do is work around the law.

So maybe, harden schools.

Yes, let’s all throw up our hands and pretend there’s nothing that we can be done and then lie about whether gun safety laws work. As SandyHookPromise has reported on the topic of background checks:

Background checks are an essential tool to help keep guns from getting into the hands of individuals who may harm themselves or others. Running a background check before a firearm purchase helps identify people who are prohibited by federal law from owning them, such as convicted felons and domestic abusers. This system keeps guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. Background checks save lives. Since the federal background check requirement was enacted in 1994, more than 3 million illegal gun sales have been stopped by a background check.1

And on why they current system isn’t working:

A loophole in our current law gives prohibited people an easy and dangerous way to buy guns. Federal law only requires background checks when the gun seller is a licensed dealer. Unlicensed private sellers, including sales at gun shows and online, aren’t required to perform background checks on the people they sell guns to. In 2015, 22% of Americans who had acquired a gun in the two years prior reported doing so without a background check.2

This loophole has devastating consequences. In Midland-Odessa, TX in 2019, the shooter failed a background check at a licensed dealer, but he went on to purchase his weapons online. Seven people were killed.

State laws that have closed the private sale loophole and expanded background checks for all handgun sales are associated with lower rates of firearm homicides, suicides and gun trafficking.3

You’re not going to ever hear anyone in Fox-land discuss those facts though. They love to ignore the loopholes and pretend the answer is always more guns. And on the topic of assault weapons, restrictions are effective:

Laws restricting possession of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines have been shown to be the best predictors of a state’s rate of mass shootings.1 States without laws limiting magazines or assault weapons have significantly more high-fatality mass shootings and significantly higher death rates from such incidents than states with limits in place.2

From 1994 to 2004, federal law made it illegal to transfer or possess large capacity magazines and certain semi-automatic firearms in the US. During this time, mass shooting fatalities were 70% less likely to occur than in periods before or after the law’s enforcement.3 After the law expired in 2004, there was a 183% increase in in high-fatality mass shootings and a 239% increase in deaths resulting from such shootings.4

Someone like Jones isn’t going to let a few pesky facts get in the way of reciting his talking points from the gun lobby and Republicans. The audience was then treated to Campos-Duffy going on an anti-trans diatribe about poor persecuted Christians while accusing the left of trying to change the subject. Every accusation is a confession from these people.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: You know Joey, I appreciate everything you are saying, but I think we’re taking our talking points from Kamala and the left. They want the conversation at this point to be about guns. And so we as conservatives start defending about guns.

I want to hold back just a little bit. People who died, and they died because they were Christians and I know they are trying to hold back this manifesto and it’s interesting it’s happening on this weekend of all weekends.

I don’t see any corporate solidarity with Christians this weekend. I don’t see anybody calling for their social media profile change to change to a cross this weekend. I don’t see anyone talking about the fact that Christians are being targeted across this country, whether they are pro-lifer, whether they’re children whose parents took them out of the public school system and put them in a school to protect them and yet the killer came into their own school.

We have a woman in Oregon who was denied the ability to adopt a child because she wouldn’t sign a conscience out of her own religious conscience, wouldn’t sign a document saying she agreed with the trans movement and gender ideology, so she couldn’t adopt a kid.

Christians are under attack and they want to change the conversation, don’t want to talk what the trans movement is about. They don’t want to talk about the attacks on Christians because these two ideologies are clashing.

And I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I just think they are trying to get us to move along.

The only ones wanting us to “move along” are the talking heads like these two on the right.

‘Harden Schools!’ Fox Host Lies About Gun Safety Laws

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