Hajia4Real Storms New York’s Streets While Hiding Her Ankle Monitor (Video)

Ghanaian socialite Mona Montrage, alias Hajia4Reall, took to the streets of New York to prove to her countrymen that she is still attractive despite everything she is dealing with. She has been

Hajia4Real recently ignited debate with a tweet on her social media channels. She has been spotted in New York hiding her ankle monitor.

Hajia4Reall said that if she opens her mouth, Ghana will quake, sending another oblique message to her detractors.

Hajia4Reall recently said on her Instagram profile that not all shots fired at you are intended to hurt you.

She claims that if she opens her mouth to discuss what is happening, the entire nation will become enraged.

Following a concert, Hajia 4 Real was detained in the United Kingdom in October 2022.

Months later, she was extradited to the US in connection with a $2 million romance scam. In the United States, a trial is now being held for her.

Her next court appearance is slated for September 23rd, according to reports.

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Hajia4Real Storms New York’s Streets While Hiding Her Ankle Monitor (Video)

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