Guards Convicted For Torturing Jail Inmates With ‘Baby Shark’

Inmates at an Oklahoma jail say that in 2019, they were led into empty rooms by corrections officers and forced to listen to “Baby Shark” for hours. Now, two of the officers have been punished. Via the Washington Post:

Last week, Gregory Cornell Butler Jr. and Christian Charles Miles each pleaded no contest to three counts of cruelty to a prisoner. A judge in Oklahoma County District Court banned Butler, 24, and Miles, 23, from working in law enforcement during a two-year probation term.

Both officers were also named as defendants in a 2021 lawsuit, which is ongoing. An attorney representing four former Oklahoma County Detention Center inmates who claim they were tortured by the officers said he was content with Butler’s and Miles’s sentences in the criminal prosecution.

“The fact that they’re not allowed to work in law enforcement in the future is important,” Daniel Smolen told The Washington Post. “And it’s impactful because it means they’re not going to be able to torture people in the future in a jail setting.”

Guards Convicted For Torturing Jail Inmates With ‘Baby Shark’

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