Greene And Boebert Fight Over Who Gets To Impeach Biden First

The viral video of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert fighting on the floor of the US House of Representatives is only the beginning of the story. Shocking though it may be that MTG called Boebert a “little bitch,” what’s even more obnoxious is what is happening underneath, and what it says about the Republican party.

As Matt Robison breaks down in this new Blue Amp video, the truly crazy part of this fight is that it is all about which of them has the right to gaslight America by bringing an impeachment against President Joe Biden, a move so crazy that Republican leaders spent the week trying to dodge their way out of it, because they know it exposes their scheme of trying to deflect blame from themselves.

It’s all part of a pattern of Republicans attacking Democrats for the things that Donald Trump and Republican leaders are most guilty of doing. Connecting the dots between the Russia investigation, the “social media bias” sham hearings, and the fraudulent Durham report, it’s clear that was really causing the fight between these two Maga warriors is jealousy over which one of them gets to scam America the most.

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Greene And Boebert Fight Over Who Gets To Impeach Biden First

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