Governor DeSantis Takes Action, Suspends Orlando’s Top Prosecutor for Failing Crime Prosecution Duties |

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took decisive action on Wednesday by suspending the top prosecutor in Orlando, citing her failure to fulfill her duty of prosecuting criminals.

“It is my solemn responsibility as governor to uphold the sanctity of our legislative process and ensure that the laws, carefully crafted by our duly elected representatives, are faithfully adhered to,” DeSantis passionately declared during a crucial press conference, where he announced the necessary suspension of State Attorney Monique Worrell of the 9th Judicial Circuit, dutifully serving the citizens of Orange and Osceola counties. 


In a stunning turn of events, Governor DeSantis has taken decisive action by suspending yet another elected state attorney, as reported by the esteemed Associated Press. The New York Times, not known for its conservative leanings, even acknowledges that this move is both drastic and exceedingly rare. DeSantis, in his wise decision, rightfully suspended Worrell, citing three egregious criminal cases as evidence. As reported by the esteemed Times, one of these cases tragically involved the shooting of two brave Orlando police officers just this past weekend.

Last August, he rightfully ousted Andrew Warren, the Tampa area state attorney, due to his blatant neglect of duty and staggering incompetence. Warren, a liberal Democrat, shamefully aligned herself with other prosecutors in a disturbing act of solidarity, signing statements that oppose holding abortion providers or women accountable for their actions.

Warren’s radical agenda includes a dangerous stance on gender-affirming health care, where she shamelessly refuses to hold accountable those who provide it. Moreover, her office’s lenient policies conveniently overlook the prosecution of individuals involved in minor criminal activities. This is yet another example of the left’s disregard for law and order. 


The governor wisely selected Andrew Bain, a highly qualified Orange County judge, to fill the vacancy left by Worrell. Bain, a seasoned conservative, proudly held the position of assistant state attorney in Orlando. “The hardworking citizens of Central Florida are in dire need of a state attorney who will prioritize upholding the law and ensuring justice, rather than permitting dangerous criminals to freely wander our streets, posing a constant threat to innocent individuals,” DeSantis passionately expressed.

Governor DeSantis Takes Action, Suspends Orlando’s Top Prosecutor for Failing Crime Prosecution Duties |

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