Gov. Kristi Noem Pushes To Ban “Woke” Drag Shows and “Preferred” Pronoun Options in SD Campuses |

By urging the South Dakota college board to outlaw woke drag shows and the option for a student to pick their “preferred” pronouns, Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) is responding to the progressive ideology of the Democrats.

Noem outlined a list of demands in a letter to the South Dakota Board of Regents that would protect students from the “radical indoctrination” of the Left. These demands included lowering the cost of higher education, expanding apprenticeship programs, and “prohibiting drag shows from taking place on university campuses.”

Higher education is experiencing a crisis on a national scale. We should be embarrassed of this as a society, from emphasizing emotions over facts to extremist brainwashing, Noem tweeted. “As a state, South Dakota can demonstrate to the country what superior higher education should entail.”

The Republican went on to say that she wanted her state to serve as a model for higher education across the nation. 

Additionally, Noem established a whistleblower hotline where university students can file complaints if a school doesn’t adhere to her standards. “This hotline was created for students and faculty to keep our universities accountable to South Dakota values and be an example to the nation of what a good higher education looks like,” the hotline’s voice announces. 

Noem will examine all financing for university centres and contributions as part of the governor’s effort to lower the cost of education, making sure no money comes from China. Students will be more likely to understand why they should be proud to be citizens of the country if American government and history classes are required. 

Noem said, “Many states have allowed liberal ideology to contaminate their institutions and colleges over the previous many decades. “Many institutions have become one-sided, closed-minded, and more concerned with feelings than with facts. They were once a hotbed of ideological diversity, debate, and the search for truth and discovery.” 

Noem has been a vocal opponent of Democratic Party efforts to normalize transgenderism. She enacted two laws earlier this year that forbade transgender student-athletes from playing on women’s and girls’ sports teams and outlawed gender-affirming child care. 

Gov. Kristi Noem Pushes To Ban “Woke” Drag Shows and “Preferred” Pronoun Options in SD Campuses |

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