GOP Plans To Destroy Climate Progress If They Win In 2024

During a summer of record-breaking heat, conservatives are laying the groundwork for a future Republican administration that would dismantle efforts to slow global warming. Via the New York Times:

The move is part of a sweeping strategy dubbed Project 2025 that Paul Dans of the Heritage Foundation, the conservative think tank organizing the effort, has called a “battle plan” for the first 180 days of a future Republican presidency.

The climate and energy provisions would be among the most severe swings away from current federal policies.

The plan calls for shredding regulations to curb greenhouse gas pollution from cars, oil and gas wells and power plants, dismantling almost every clean energy program in the federal government and boosting the production of fossil fuels — the burning of which is the chief cause of planetary warming.

They know voters don’t back their extreme plans. When the Times asked Republican presidential campaigns if they supported the Heritage plan, none of them responded. We do know the recommendations are just what the Orange Mango ordered!

The $22 million project also includes personnel lists and a transition strategy in the event a Republican wins the 2024 election. The nearly 1,000-page plan, which would reshape the executive branch to place more power into the president’s hands, outlines changes for nearly every agency across the government.

The Heritage Foundation worked on the plan with dozens of conservative groups ranging from the Heartland Institute, which has denied climate science, to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which says “climate change does not endanger the survival of civilization or the habitability of the planet.”

Mr. Dans said the Heritage Foundation delivered the blueprint to every Republican presidential hopeful. While polls have found that young Republicans are worried about global warming, Mr. Dans said the feedback he has received confirms the blueprint reflects where the majority of party leaders stand.

Ah, yes. The “I got mine” Republican elders aren’t even planning to stop the downward skid of young members. They will cling to power until it all falls apart around them.

GOP Plans To Destroy Climate Progress If They Win In 2024

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