GOP Is ‘Working Hard’ to Suppress Voter Turnout

Vice President Kamala Harris is sounding an alarm that some Republicans are “working hard” to restrict voting, especially for people of color, in the 2024 election.

Harris sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on the Aug. 12, episode of MSNBC’s Politics Nation.

The vice president said she’s concerned right-wing efforts to suppress voting — such as legislation to ban ballot drop boxes in Arkansas — could deter people from casting ballots next year.

“There has been a lot of effort and laws that have been passed to try and make it more difficult for people to vote,” she said. “Can you imagine, in the United States of America, [after] we went through all these fights — the March on Washington, John Lewis and all that, and these so-called leaders who are so bold, as to unapologetically propose and pass laws to make it more difficult for the American people to vote.”

She continued, “The gall, so I do worry that we have to do everything we can to remind people of why it’s important, and also fight against those people who are trying to make it difficult.”

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Harris said she understands people “have things to do,” especially those with children and people “working two or three jobs.”

But she said there is too much at stake to stay at home.

“The people who have the most at stake in the election, are often the people who least have the luxury of taking time out of their day to do something that is not an immediate obligation,” she said. “I recognize that, and I recognize that when people make the effort  to register to vote, to fill out that ballot, to go to the polls and vote, it is an effort that we should appreciate and be thankful for it.”

Harris also discussed efforts to “weaken our democracy” and what she hopes will be her legacy as the first woman, African American and Asian American to become vice president.

Watch the interview with Vice President Kamala Harris below:

GOP Is ‘Working Hard’ to Suppress Voter Turnout

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