GOP Congresswoman Demands Adam Schiff Be Tried For Sedition

Republican Florida congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna claimed former House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff should be found guilty of sedition for his investigations into Trump and Russia.

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s pro-treason podcast, Rep. Luna put forward a House resolution to expel Schiff from Congress.

“And I’d actually filed what we filed earlier that day at 10 a.m. So you can see the timestamp on the House resolution that I put forward to expel Schiff from Congress,” Rep. Luna said.

Luna claimed Schiff lied to the American people and weaponized the FBI against Trump.

“I would even argue Steve, and I know that this is a strong word, but he, I believe, is guilty of sedition,” Luna whined.” “And so in doing so, that is absolutely grounds for expulsion from the House of Representatives.”

Trump was so corrupt that he faces multiple investigations so the MAGA cult is out for blood.

If they don’t like the Democratic politician for whatever reason they want to impeach them and then put them in prison.

QAnon Klan mom Marjorie Taylor Greene filed to impeach President Biden just because she disagrees with his policies.

It would be nice if one Republican lawmaker took an civics class along with an ethics class.

GOP Congresswoman Demands Adam Schiff Be Tried For Sedition

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