God Save The King’s Guard

A teenager with Down syndrome was sight seeing in England when a King’s Guard showed that while they can stand perfectly still for hours, they are also human and full of humanity. Have your facial tissue handy:

In the lead-up to their photograph with the royal guard, Van Erp said that Ibrahim was “nervous” because of the soldier’s “emphatic body language” and how careful they were trying to be to respect his space.

Van Erp said his own schooling taught him the “necessary manners and understanding to respect the guard appropriately,” but he was nonetheless amazed to see the man seemingly break protocol.

“I had a tear in my eye for several evenings as I realized how massive the guard’s gesture to us was,” he said.

As for Ibrahim, Van Erp said the teenager enjoyed visiting the royal guards at Buckingham Palace and “seems pleased” with all the reactions to the moment so far.

“Ibrahim is accepting all the attention as though it was his royal due,” Van Erp joked.

Damn smoke from the Canadian fires must be back again. My eyes are watering as well.

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God Save The King’s Guard

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