Go You Little Rock Star

For some unknown reason, some guy had the idea of attaching a GoPro camera to a ping pong paddle. Enter the family’s rescued pit bull, who decided to grab the camera-mounted paddle and play a rousing game of keep away from the entire family. Fortunately, the dog grabbed the paddle in such a manner that the camera was trained on its face. While the dog is undeniably cute as it’s running around, ears flapping in the wind, the real entertainment is what’s going on in the background. The dog’s canine sibling and hooman father is giving chase and hilarity follows right on their heels.. The hooman is especially funny as his arms are waving all over as he vainly tries to catch the dog. I am still laughing hard enough for tears to get squeezed from my eyes.

H/T Tengrain

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Go You Little Rock Star

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