Giuliani Sued For Sexual Assault, Made Employee Work Naked

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is being sued for $10 million by a former associate, and she has the receipts in the form of recordings and emails. Noelle Dunphy is suing the former NYC mayor for sexual assault and harassment, wage theft, and other misconduct, alleging that he made “sexual demands” and went on “alcohol-drenched rants that included sexist, racist, and antisemitic remarks.” The details are disturbing.

Dunphy began working for Giuliani in 2019 as his director of business development, and her lawsuit says that after he flew her to NYC and after some drinks, “Giuliani then pulled her head onto his penis, without asking for or obtaining any form of consent. He held her by her hair.” She saw no way out of it and gave in.

Via ABC News:

Giuliani often demanded that Dunphy work naked, in a bikini, or in short shorts with an American flag on them that he bought for her, the lawsuit said.

“When they were apart, they would often work remotely via videoconference, and during those conferences Giuliani almost always asked her to remove her clothes on camera. He often called from his bed, where he was visibly touching himself under a white sheet,” the lawsuit said.

This made me throw up in my mouth:

Throw this on the pile:

Dunphy said Giuliani told her that he and then-president Donald Trump were offering to sell presidential pardons for $2 million apiece.

Here is the full complaint:

Noelle Dunphy v Rudolph W Giuliani Et Al by Karoli on Scribd

Giuliani Sued For Sexual Assault, Made Employee Work Naked

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