Giuliani Shills For Trump: Send A Dollar For His Morale

Defrocked former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani begged Trump supporters to send a dollar to Trump to help his morale as he makes his way to Manhattan for his arraignment.

Speaking on his WABC radio program Sunday, Giuliani told Trump supporters not to come down and protest because the “deep state” will insert agitators.

Conspiracies abound on Rudy’s program.

“Do not protest, Trump people, particularly the Trump people, please don’t protest,” Giuliani said. “They are gonna put Antifa people in there. They are gonna put Black Lives Matter people in there.”

OOH, scary Black people! Tell me again why people on the left would protest a long-overdue indictment?

Co-host Maria Ryan jumped in.

“They’ll use facial recognition to track you down,” she said. Wear masks, she exclaimed. “so they can’t do facial ID.

“Send him a buck if you can’t afford anything else,” Giuliani said. “Send him a buck. That’s all. He’ll take that. I mean, he’ll love it. You send him a buck.”

“Do you realize how terrific it is for his morale to know that his fundraising is going through the roof?” he added.

Why does a billionaire need to fundraise a dollar off his cult members? This grift runs deep.

I wonder if Rudy will get a cut of the proceeds from all donations? Maybe he’s hoping he’ll finally get his bill paid by the soon-to-be accused felon.

Giuliani Shills For Trump: Send A Dollar For His Morale

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