Ghanaian ‘Sakawa Boys’ Return Money-Vomiting-Snake To Mallam After Failed Promise

A group of “Sakawa Boys” in Nkurakan (Yilo-Krobo) Ghana, captured in a video as they returned a money-vomiting snake they obtained from a spiritualist after the snake failed to vomit money as promised by the Mallam.

In a now-viral video that has just surfaced, a group of young men, who are believed to be involved in internet fraud, went to the spiritualist to seek his assistance in acquiring money through illegal means.

Money Vomiting snake

The spiritualist reportedly gave them a snake that would allegedly vomit money after being fed a special diet.

However, the snake did not perform as promised, prompting the group to return the money-vomiting snake they had been given by the Mallam spiritualist.

The incident has generated a stir on social media:


“The snake chop the egg free
This is proper free eg-ducation
Ɔwɔ mu 419″


“Hmm, we are here joking and laughing but this is a huge treat to our nation, 1.7m youth don’t have jobs in this country and when you speak they say pray God would make a way. Now the youth are tired of waiting. Won’t be shocked if other issues start popping up concerning this.”

sakawa boys return money vomiting snake


“This is to the girls after the so call yahoo boys
S3 moagyimi aa look at it well 😂 make u no hustle on your own”

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Ghanaian ‘Sakawa Boys’ Return Money-Vomiting-Snake To Mallam After Failed Promise

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