Ghanaian Nurse Cαʋght Watching ‘Cornhub’ In A Trotro Bus (VIDEO)

A female Ghanaian nurse has been spotted in a viral video available to us at watching and scrolling through videos from the popular site ‘Cornhub’.

The nurse who has been identified by a friend on social media was spotted scrolling through the site while on her phone.

In the video, the said nurse is busy binging on the content while in a local transport bus (Trotro) – paying zero attention to her surrounding, she is just enjoying the moment.

An elderly man surprised to see what was going on kept staring at the lady and the content she was binging on without blinking an eye.

You know this won’t be viral if netizens didn’t react:

“The nurses in this country will go on strike oo”

“Was i the only one hearing Kwadaaso, Pokuase, Amasaman”

“The OG for the back there dey tear me”

“See the way somebody en husband make steady dey watch”

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Ghanaian Nurse Cαʋght Watching ‘Cornhub’ In A Trotro Bus (VIDEO)

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