Gary Cecil Ferrell II gets 110 years for double-murder

Gary Cecil Ferrell II, Promise Mays, and Pamela Sledd (WTHR screenshots)

A 28-year-old man in Indiana will likely spend the rest of his life in prison for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her grandmother in front of each other in the parking lot of an automotive seating factory two years ago.

Clinton Superior Court Judge Justin H. Hunter ordered Gary Cecil Ferrell II on Thursday to serve 110 years in a state correctional facility for the cold-blooded executions of 21-year-old Promise Mays and 62-year-old Pamela Sledd, authorities said.

According to a press release from the 45th Judicial Circuit Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Ferrell pleaded guilty to two counts of murder in the attack captured on the factory’s security camera. It happened on Aug. 18, 2023, two years to the day from the date of the shooting.

Hunter sentenced Ferrell to serve 45 to 65 years for each count of murder, with the sentences to run consecutively, meaning one after the other. With Indiana’s law requiring such sentences to be served to at least 75% completion, Ferrell will serve at least 80 years before he is eligible for release.

In a sentencing order obtained by Indianapolis CW affiliate WISH-TV, Hunter noted how appalling it was for the two family members as they “watched the other being shot.” He called the crime “brutal and heinous.”

“With respect to the murder he inflicted upon Pamela Sled, defendant shot Ms. Sledd after she had turned her back and was retreating from the scene of the offense she had witnessed against her granddaughter,” he reportedly wrote in the document. “[Ferrell] acted out an entitlement to control and possess Promise Mays, whether in life or in death, even though she had demonstrated only kindness for the many people whom she encountered in her short and precious life.”

Gary Cecil Ferrell II gets 110 years for double-murder

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