Fox Wants To Blame Hunter Biden For Cocaine In WH So Bad

Fox News host Julie Banderas, who is obviously auditioning (and failing) to expand her role on Fox and Friends, was furious that the major news networks covered the story of cocaine found at the White House without tying it to Hunter Biden.

Former House Republican and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz claimed that the Secret Service already knows whose cocaine it was without any evidence to back that statement up.

Julie Banderas jumped in with an unhinged rant, which she prefaced by saying, “we’re just asking questions.”

Since Hunter is an addict, he must be judged! (Never mind that he’s written a whole book about his addiction and recovery.)

I mean, if you look at the way that they’re handling it right off the bat, they’re making it seem suspicious.

We’re not pointing…

I mean, we’re just asking questions, the reporters that are there in the press pool, right?

But then if you look at all the other networks, for example, all the major broadcast networks last night, they all led with the cocaine found at the White House.

Not one, one broadcast mentioned the name “Hunter Biden.”

Now, we’re not saying it’s Hunter Biden’s.

We’re calling it for what it is.

The president’s son is a former crack cocaine addict.

And he’s supposed to be clean.

He just was given a slap on the wrist for charges that should have been felony charges.


Because he’s the president’s son.

So preferential treatment obviously is a very sensitive topic when it comes to his son.

And indeed, cocaine was found in an area in the White House where Hunter Biden has visited.

So of course, that’s going to be a question.

And there’s no room for joking about it.

All the other networks making these stupid jokes about.

There’s no laughing matter.

Crack cocaine addiction is serious.

And this is a serious drug that was found in our White House.

Credible news organizations would never name someone as a suspect without a scintilla of evidence. But since they are all not right-wing propaganda machines, Banderas was perplexed.

Is Hunter the only person to ever step foot in the White House that has used controlled substances?

Banderas isn’t saying it was Hunter Biden’s cocaine, but she still must scream — Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden, Hunter Biden!

Fox Wants To Blame Hunter Biden For Cocaine In WH So Bad

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