Fox News Host: Rudy Giuliani Brought ‘Downfall’ Upon Himself

Fox News anchor Gillian Turner reflected on the “downfall” of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani after he brought legal problems “upon himself.”

During a Sunday discussion on Fox News, host Howard Kurtz asked Turner about the media coverage of Giuliani after a judge found him liable for defaming two Georgia election workers, Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.

“Do you see in the coverage a sense of payback that many people at other news organizations are saying, oh, this is great?” Kurtz wondered.

“I think that a lot of the media has really relished covering the downfall of Rudy Giuliani,” Turner replied. “And this is sort of the culmination of that process, which has been underway, I think, for years now.”

“I also think that, put it this way, I also think that some of the coverage he has brought upon himself, it’s not exactly the case that he’s a wallflower who shies away,” she added. “He’s a confrontational guy. I mean, he has incited a lot of this. And a lot of the, you know, he really enjoys media confrontations.”

Fox News Host: Rudy Giuliani Brought ‘Downfall’ Upon Himself

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