Fox News Host Has Vapors Over Dems ‘Teaching Her Kids About Sex’

Fox News anchor Julie Banderas claimed a new WSJ poll found American values are in decline, but the poll is almost three months old.

The Fox News chyron said it was a new poll too, but it was revealed on March 27th. (Who decides what is news? And who decides what is an “American value”? The Wall Street Journal? Really?)

Please note that it’s once again the Murdoch Fox News channel reporting on the Murdoch Wall Street Journal poll without noting the monopoly. Fox does this more often with the Murdoch New York Post, but still.

Fox News host Julie Banderas introduced the poll results and then launched into their righteous cause to ban children’s books that Republicans claimed have pornographic material in them to justify her view that the morals of this country have fallen into the tank.

Former NY State Senator Davids Carlucci said it was because of the extreme partisanship we see today and made the usual “can’t we all just work together and get along” meme.

But Banderas had other ideas.

“I’m going to have to disagree with you on that,” Banderas said. “I do not believe that Democrats and Republicans share the same values, because I’m a parent, and I teach my children values.”

(Only Republicans teach their kids about morals and values, gotcha.)

“And that does not include taking them to drag story hours, teaching them about sex, and all the other things that a lot of Democrats feel is an important value to instill in my child,” Banderas chimed. “That is not, no. I’m sorry, but no.”

Didn’t you know all Democrats take their kids to drag shows, groom them to change genders, and go to the bathroom in cat litter boxes?

This is absurd.

For political reasons, since the 80s, Republicans decided that religion was more important than the Constitution, and jingoism is more important than civics. Until recently, Republicans agreed that attacking Iraq for no reason was justified.

Republicans, aided by the rise of Fox News (1996) and other wingnut outfits, have fueled their constant turn towards right-wing extremism. This includes white and Christian nationalism, homophobia, and bigotry which has caused each younger generation to revolt against them.

(h/t Justin Baragona)

Fox News Host Has Vapors Over Dems ‘Teaching Her Kids About Sex’

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