Fox News Blames Buttigieg For ‘Everything’ And It’s Hilarious

The right-wing media often targets Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and he’s OK with that. He can handle an interview on Fox News like nobody’s business. That’s his forté, and he can even tell jokes in a deadpan manner that goes over Fox News personalities’ heads.

During a Fox News segment, one of the pundits seemingly became unhinged and literally blamed Buttigieg for “everything.”

“I mean, I love the idea, but I don’t think I would do it personally, but it’s like we’re missing the point, which is that thanks, Pete Buttigieg, for messing everything up so that you know what I mean,” she said. “Why don’t you just not lose the luggage? We might have to spend more money on extra underwear.”

The airlines are responsible for lost luggage, ma’am.

Twitter users poured in, including Pete’s husband.

Darn you, Pete Buttigieg.

Fox News Blames Buttigieg For ‘Everything’ And It’s Hilarious

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