Fox News Allows Guest To Accuse Putin And Prigozhin Of Staging A ‘False Flag’ Coup |

During an interview with host Eric Shawn, Rebekah Koffler claimed on Fox News that Yevgeny Prigozhin and Russian President Vladimir Putin collaborated to stage the latest armed coup, calling it a “classic false flag”.

After Prigozhin led his paramilitary group from Ukraine into Russia, seizing control of two cities, and leading his men toward Moscow over the past 24 hours, chaos has rocked the military and political establishment in that country. After talks with Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, however, Prigozhin reportedly decided to abandon the armed takeover.

The uprising posed the gravest existential threat to Putin’s rule since he came to power in Russia more than two decades ago.


The nine-minute rant by intelligence analyst Koffler on Fox News claimed that Putin planned the coup to increase his political power in Russia.

Eric, my intelligence analysis indicates that this is a classic false flag operation that Putin and Prigozhin are behind, Koffler told the cable news host. The man Prigozhin is not a fool. He is an intelligent former prisoner. From being a prisoner to running a hot dog stand to running a multimillion catering company that catered to the Kremlin, including Putin himself, he completely changed his life.

Koffler points out that while Putin’s National Guard, which was established in 2016 to quell social unrest, has 340,000 men enlisted into the group and that the Wagner forces were being “tracked every minute” by the Russian security service, the Wagner group only has 50,000 members in Ukraine.

What has changed regarding this in the last few hours, once more? He made this agreement all of a sudden, turning his troops around. No, all of this is fake,” she continued. The analyst then made what appeared to be the claim that Putin had boosted military recruitment by using the uprising.

Koffler asserts that Putin wants us to think he is helpless and that a military uprising is constantly a threat. As a result, Putin has already proclaimed martial law under this pretext. He changed the law today to mandate a 30-day jail sentence for anyone breaking the martial law. Another very intriguing and illuminating point is that Putin recently approved men with criminal histories to serve in the military.

“So this serves as justification for increased Russian force mobilization to put them through the meat grinder in Ukraine. Additionally, it is a way of proving to President Biden that Russia is not a threat. Actually, as you may know, Russia is experiencing internal unrest. But all of this is just a standard distraction from Putin, she claimed.

“It reminds me of three-dimensional chess what you’re describing. Shawn responded to Koffler: “That kind of thinking is just beyond.

Koffler made a prediction about Putin’s continued rule near the end of her interview, suggesting that he might use the coup to remove Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister.

“Putin will gain momentum, mobilize more personnel, and re-energize his offensive on Ukraine in the interim,” she said in closing.

Fox News Allows Guest To Accuse Putin And Prigozhin Of Staging A ‘False Flag’ Coup |

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