Fox Host: Democrats ‘Just Spent Gazillions Of Dollars’ Trying To Control Weather

Fox & Friends’ Rachel Campos-Duffy doubled down on the conspiracy theory being pushed by her cohost Joey Jones the previous day. As we discussed here, Jones and climate change denier Marc Morano attacked the White House for merely being open to the idea of studying how blocking sunlight from hitting Earth’s surface might be a way to limit global warming, while pushing the conspiracy theory that the government was already doing so using chemtrails.

During yet another of their hourly segments carping about long lines at airports, and using it as an another excuse to go after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and again pretend he’s not qualified for his job, Fox played a clip of Buttigieg discussing some of the flight cancellations over the weekend being due to sever weather across the country, and here’s now Duffy and her counterpart Steve Doocy responded.

DOOCY: So, it’s not just the weather, and here’s the thing about the FAA. They need more staff. They simply don’t have enough people to handle all the demand because ultimately that’s what’s going on. We want to go places, and you know, in digging ourselves out from COVID and now the travel, apparently, let’s see, the demand for this weekend, four million people will be at the airport. That’s up about 10% before the pandemic. So many people want to go places. He needs, Pete Buttigieg and the federal government, they need more air traffic controllers. They need more staff. The airlines need more staff. Because you want to go places.

DUFFY: What they need is leadership. And, listen, this job should have gone to a respected expert in transportation, and it didn’t. It went to somebody who the Democrat party saw as checking the right box and a rising star that they wanted to give a plum job to, and this is what you get. He is not ready for the job.

And by the way he mentioned, we’re not, you know, we can’t control the weather. Make no mistake, this party just spent gazillions of dollars, trillions of dollars, in trying to control the weather. That’s what they’re doing. In fact you just did a story yesterday, they’ve approved research to try and block the sun.

Already spent gazillions and trillions. I wonder if anyone has told Congress that someone snuck that into their budget without anyone noticing? Someone please explain to me why this dangerous propaganda network is even allowed to have a broadcast license?

Fox Host: Democrats ‘Just Spent Gazillions Of Dollars’ Trying To Control Weather

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