Fox And Friends To Comer: Show Me The Money On Bidens

The Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer, was pressed by Steve Doocy (once again) to provide proof and evidence of the alleged Biden criminal behavior.

“Wait and see!” said Comer, just like he always does.

Steve Doocy has battled with Rep. Comer previously to force him to put up or shut up, but Comer has failed to do so.

“How’s he compromised? “

“He’s compromised because he’s taken so much money from China for bribery.”

(No proof submitted)

“Regarding that WhatsApp message, that was after Joe Biden was out of office.”

“That’s right.”

“So he was no longer vice president. Do you have any evidence that that shows that Joe Biden himself, I mean, you’re saying he’s compromised.”

“Has Joe Biden ever taken money that you can figure out?”

The F&F host pressed on. “I know you’re putting together all these puzzle pieces, but do you have the goods on Joe Biden?” Doocy asked.

Comer claimed Vice President Biden used some money that supposedly came in from Romania as some sort of proof that he was guilty of something.

“So you’ve got the financial records but do you have anybody who said the reason he is getting that money is because of this?” Doocy asked.

“Stay tuned for the depositions,” Comer said. “You’re going to be very interested.”

In other words,…blah, blah, blah, Biden is guilty of something, and we will either find the evidence or die trying.

Fox And Friends To Comer: Show Me The Money On Bidens

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